Many of you send me YouTube videos or articles where someone says that they got a job in UI/UX design, Product Design, etc. without education or qualifications, and so can you. Can you really get a UX job without education or qualifications? Let’s break it down.

1. So far, every video/article I have seen from this “genre” includes someone obtaining education or qualifications.

Zero of these article…

Expanding from my previous article on my 2-year prediction for how UX has already started splitting and will continue to split…

The Great Correction :) looks like this:

1: There are really two types/buckets of jobs in our CX/UX/UI/XD/whatever-you’re-calling-it world.

Job A is typically an order taker and production designer to “just make wireframes.” Job A might believe that “defining the problem”…

Debbie Levitt

“The Mary Poppins of CX & UX.” and Delta CX on YouTube. CX and UX Strategist, Researcher, Architect, Speaker, Trainer.

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