Most companies are feature-driven and Engineering-driven. The typical process is for some people to decide which features we should build for our customers. This is often based on surveys or maybe having a look at some customer support complaints. Product decides which features we’re building and prioritizes their order. They can then give the marching orders to their UX soldiers, who now have their requirements, user stories, or whatever Product or Business Analysts have prepared for them.

These documents typically define and prescribe what we’re building and in some cases how it will function and lay out. At some companies…

I have a challenge for every company claiming to care about CX, customer satisfaction, or the user experience. If you are not claiming to care about at least one of these, you can skip this article because it’s not for you (but shame on you!).

Let’s start your company with something simple:

Remove any interrupting message or panel that suggests that the visitor sign up for your mailing list.

I know that the marketing team wants to get more signups, and imagines that every website visitor should now be in a sales funnel. …

Many of you send me YouTube videos or articles where someone says that they got a job in UI/UX design, Product Design, etc. without education or qualifications, and so can you. Can you really get a UX job without education or qualifications? Let’s break it down.

1. So far, every video/article I have seen from this “genre” includes someone obtaining education or qualifications.

Zero of these article writers or video bloggers say, “I really wanted to work in UX, I had no education or qualifications, so I applied for jobs with no knowledge or portfolio, and wow they hired me!”

Every video or article includes someone’s road to obtaining education… and how they had at least one…

Expanding from my previous article on my 2-year prediction for how UX has already started splitting and will continue to split…

The Great Correction :) looks like this:

1: There are really two types/buckets of jobs in our CX/UX/UI/XD/whatever-you’re-calling-it world.

Job A is typically an order taker and production designer to “just make wireframes.” Job A might believe that “defining the problem” or “understanding customers” is a day of sticky notes in a design thinking workshop or design sprint. Job A is solution-focused. Don’t focus on the problem too much. We need those solutions! Engineering will get them to the public, and then Marketing can tell us if people like them.


We’re just wrapping up the second annual Concentric conference aimed at those working in CX or UX, or those hoping to.

2020’s event was simple. One really long day, 3 Zoom rooms, join live, videos going up later. No networking. Just go to the Zoom room you want to hear. Our biggest problem was Zoom messed up our account, and we couldn’t hold 3 meetings at once. We had to fix that in the middle of the event.

I swore that wouldn’t happen this year, so I met with Zoom weeks ago to learn exactly how to set up my…

Warning: This long post has become a very short book. :) In case you’d rather hear it spoken and clarified, I read this out loud and responded to live questions on my live YouTube podcast on 24 May 2021.

We need to say this out loud: CX and UX practitioners at all levels (even experts and managers) are hired into companies that don’t understand what we do. We are then put on teams and projects where they don’t understand what we do. Everybody else wants to do what we do… or what they think UX is. …

It’s April 2021, and I have a prediction. I’m often asked where UX is going, if it can be saved, and who will be our seniors in 5 years. Let me tell you where I think it’s going because it’s going in two directions at the same time. The divide has started, but I believe it will deepen and widen before settling into a very new normal.

There are and will be two groups.

UX/UI Designers, UI/UX Designers, UX Designers, and Product Designers are often (but not always) visual designers who make wireframes. They rarely have extensive knowledge of cognitive psychology, human behavior, and the true foundations…

Consider what commonly happens now at most workplaces…

  • Project managers, business analysts, and others create projects around stakeholder’s ideas of “the problem,” who customers are, and what users might need.
  • Without great CX/UX qualitative research, customers’ real problems, tasks, or needs are unknown or misunderstood. You’ll tend to hear, “We don’t need to do that… we know our customers.”
  • We hear that there is no time for CX/UX research, architecture, or testing. We want somebody, anybody to make some wireframes so Engineering can start coding. …

I’ve never had an ISA but I’ve done some research on them. My impression is that they are predatory. They are designed for people who can’t afford the school and can’t get a traditional bank loan. People who wouldn’t have credit cards they could use. People who have no credit or bad credit.

They sound attractive since you won’t have to pay anything back until you get a job.

An “ISA” is an “income sharing agreement.” With whom would you like to share your income? Choose wisely.

But please make sure you have read the fine print. I spoke to a number of people with ISAs. I called one of the ISA companies as a potential customer (as…

What would the new year be without a list or set of predictions! Here is my list of things that should go extinct in 2021, but probably won’t. In no particular order.

It’s nearly 2021, but get ready for more of the same old.

Websites that pop up messages telling me, “We value your privacy.”

You don’t. Anyone who values my privacy wouldn’t want to set all kinds of cookies. You wouldn’t track me. You wouldn’t trick me into something I don’t want by claiming some companies have “legitimate interest” in my every move.

Posting about posting.

“I really wasn’t sure if I should post something to LinkedIn…” Then don’t. Or do. Sorry but we don’t care. Post if you have something important to say that…

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