97% Of People Won’t Repost This. Will You Be One Of The 3%?

“97% Of People Won’t Repost This. Will You Be One Of The 3%?” If you have any Facebook friends, you have probably seen that sentence go by. It’s part of memes having to do with helping special needs kids, loving Jesus, supporting the military, and many more. From a psychological point of view, I find the sentence really interesting.

People like to feel part of the majority and norm.

So what you’re saying is that if I repost this, I’m some sort of weird, maverick, in-the-minority person. Most people don’t want to be the rebel. They don’t want to stand up and say something potentially unpopular. So why remind them of that? Don’t DARE me to do something. I’m not 11 years old. I don’t respond to anything that looks like a dare… or a chain letter.

I remember one meme was asking people to post to their wall or comment on something, and if they didn’t, then the original poster would know the other person wasn’t really their friend. I saw it hugely backfire when a bunch of friends commented under that that they didn’t want to be judged as a friend by Facebook activity… and how much time were they being given to perform this test anyway?!

1 out of 5 dentists thinks Trident sucks for their patients who chew gum.

Well, evidently. But there is a reason why marketers don’t focus on what they DON’T want you to do. They try to sweep you into the craze and crowd of all the people who ARE doing something.

Inclusion would work better.

What if these memes instead ended with something like, “This is important to all of us, so please repost this on your wall.” I bet we could see sharing happen more than 3% of the fake-statistic time, and without the daring and bullying.

Where’d you get that statistic?

Where did that statistic come from? Nobody ever says.

Be careful what you wish for.

Wish for 3% conversion, and you just might get it, even if you really wanted more conversion.

So next time you see one of these go by, even if it has a sentence like this at the end, change the sentence. Make it something more positive, something about making your friends feel included in a good idea rather than sounding like some weird dare to be unpopular.

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